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Roof Guard Underlayment

Outstanding Product Advantages
-Leading edge technology marketed and manufactured in Europe for over 20 years; now available in the U.S.

-Creates a water barrier with lasting depandability.

-High tensile strength resists cracking, delaminating, puncturing, and tearing.

-Weather resistant to severities of cold and heat.

-Totally insect and rot resistant.

-Consists of three layers for maximum performance. The bottom layer is composed of woven polyethylene, which is then covered by a solid layer of polyethylene. The final layer is a special anti-slip top surface.

-Will not adhere to metal roofing products; eliminates the need for slipsheets.

Outstanding Installation Advantages
-Easy to cut and fold around corners. Self-seals around fasteners and can be securely sealed to penetrations such as pipes, chimneys, and skylights by using Sikaflex Sealant. By providing seamless protection for most overhang areas, RoofGuard reduces the need for Ice & Water Shield.

-Can be installed and left uncovered for up to three months in case of construction delays.

-This strong material will not tear, creating a safer roof surface and helping with installation on windy days.

-RoofGuard's 60" width creates fast roof deck coverage. The big 200' rolls cover in excess of 9 squares, dramatically reducing installation time in comparison to other underlayment materials.

-With a low weight of just 32 pounds per roll, RoofGuard is easily, safely, and quickly roof-loaded. The low weight simplifies installation too.

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