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For over 35 years Fabral has been manufacturing the highest quality metal roofing and siding products in a wide variety of profiles, substrates and colors. In 1979, Fabral introduced the original 9" on center profile-Grandrib 3®. Grandrib 3® quickly became the benchmark of the industry and today Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3® Plus remain two of the most versatile steel panels on the market. The uniquely engineered profile and tough steel construction are durable enough to provide long-lasting beauty for your building in even the harshest of climates. The 36" overall coverage and 3/4" ribs at 9" on center panels have been tested out at an 80,000 psi minimum yield strength. Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3® Plus also boast superior rain carrying ability derived from an anti-siphon side lap, and are backed with a galvanized coating that meets or exceeds ASTM A653 and A924 standards.
  Grandrib 3® and 3® Plus
  Mighti-rib® PBR
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-Metal Sales
Metal sales offers a complete line of metal roof and wall panel systems for the commercial, architectural, industrial, residential and agricultural markets. Metal sales offers over 30 profiles with a selection of colors and guages for new construction of retrofit.
  Pro Panel II®
  Metal Sales Color Chart

Bar C Metal Roofing Suppliers, Inc.
Stile is a metal roofing system designed to simulate the durable yet elegant look of clay roofing tiles. Recommended application is over 30# felt paper with solid substrate on a 3:12 or greater slope. Panels are attached with through fasteners coated to match the panel finish and placed in the shadow line of the panel step. A full complement of standard formed accessories are available for typical roof conditions.
  Stile Color Chart

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