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Stock Items

-Sunsky Polycarbonate: Fabral profile roof panel that looks beautiful, lets in more light, maintenance free, UV-ray blocking, and non-yellowing. Available in clear and opal. 8', 10' and 12' lengths.

-Fasteners: stocked in many colors and sizes.

-Roofguard Underlayment: For use with metal roofing and any other roof materials.
   Information Sheet.

-Through the roof caulking: The clear caulk that permanently seals around roof tip fixtures. Wind gusts and weather changes put your roof and rooftop fixtures in constant dynamic motion. Asphalt froof caulks that dry out and crack can't absorb this movement, allowing leaks between your roof and plumbing vent, chimney, skylight, fan duct, or dormer. Through The Roof was made to permanently stop and prevent leaks around these rooftop items.

-Roof Jacks: Pipe flashing available for pipe sexxes 1/4" to 26" diameter.

-Mastic Sealant Tape

-Closure strips: closed cell polyethylene foam fused together in a plywood like laminations to assure exceptional strength and uniform compressibility.

-Profile vent: a single layer ridge vent on a coil. It is strong, durable, modified polyester, non-woven, non-wicking, fiber based matting designed specifically for metal roofs.

-Snow Retainers: the best guard protecting against snow and ice avalanches.

-Metal Cutting Tools

-Sockets: 1/4" woodgrip nut drivers and 5/16" impax nut drivers.

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